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If you have been the victim of violence, or feel that your spouse may become violent, do not hesitate to call 911 at the very first sign of danger. Before things get to that stage. ...

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  • Based on 21 years as a Family Court Judge, Talk to Strangers is the film every parent contemplating or in the midst of child custody litigation should see.

    by The Hon. Paula Kurshner Family Court Judge, Multnomah County, OR (retired)
  • ” …you will never forget the faces of these children and the spiraling out of control that can take place when parents naively put themselves and their families in the hands of the Court…”

    by Linda Gunsberg, Ph.D. Chair, Family Law and Family Forensics, Training Program Washington Square Institute, NY
  • …a terrific film that should be required viewing for every divorce attorney and for every parent who even thinks about a custody battle… It’s an extraordinary thing that [Larry Sarezky has] done!

    by Chris Burdett, Esq., Connectictt family law attorney
  • This film hit so close to home for me, that it actually caused me to tear up several times.

    by Mark Baer, Esq. California family law attorney, Contributor: Huffington Post
  • Larry Sarezky’s filmmaking talents shine through brilliantly in this moving film.  The music rocks too!”

    by - Mara LeGrand, producer Skydancer Productions
  • As a matrimonial attorney, I don’t much care for movies about child custody cases.  I’d seen, but didn’t like, Kramer v. Kramer, Falling Down, and Intolerable Cruelty… Talk to Strangers proved me wrong… Tell your clients who have any interest in fighting a tough custody battle to buy this short movie first (it’s probably the cheapest way to settle a custody battle).  Oh, and tell them to bring tissues.”…

    by Ronald H. Kaufman, Esq. - Miami Divorce Attorney Blog
  • This is a truly fine piece of work, beautifully filmed, which will be of use to parents, lawyers and psychologists.

    by Meredith Titus, PhD, clinical psychologist, Huntsville Alabama
  • With an unusual degree of sensitivity and subtlety, this wonderful film captures the confusion and anguish that kids often experience in contested divorces, even when all the adults ‘behave’

    by Robert Horwitz, PhD past president, CT Psychological Asso.
  • A must-see for parents and counsel involved in this terrible process known as custody litigation.

    by Arthur Balbirer, Esq. – past president American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
  • …Talk to Strangers, both the film and the pocket guide, are wonderful. The voices of the children speak louder than any educational program…

    by Robin M. Deutsch, Ph.D – Children & the Law Program, Dept. of Psychiatry Massachusetts General Hospital
  • This wonderful film (child custody film)… will provide insight and great assistance. Watch it and learn!

    by Alan Dershowitz – Harvard University Professor of Law
  • A must-see for parents and counsel involved in this terrible process known as custody litigation.

    by Arthur Balbirer, Esq. – Past President American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers